Artistic Statement 

Influenced by pioneers like Michael Angelo and DaVinci to modern day artists such as Chaz Bojorquez and Graffiti writer El Mac, Michel's painting style is indicative of the marriage of this aerosol renaissance. 

Beginning each piece as an opportunity to combine fresh and untried ideas through mixtures of mediums such as acrylics, oils, and aerosol long with aspects of technique, scale, and dimension, each production is a balancing act hovering between experiment and disaster. His style can be described as abstract expressionism; he captures the subject by creating an emotional impact by bold use of colors and drawing a poignant connection between the painting and its audience.


Artist Bio

Michel Cruz is an up and coming studio artist who was born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has been drawing and sketching since the age of 4 years old, inspired by an overactive imagination fueled by his early fascination with comic books and cartoons.   Michel's passion for art grew as he became enthralled with the outbreak of street graffiti murals and the hieroglyphic letter styles of Chicano street tags.  Michel's more recent work was his Truly Yours...Revamped gallery show which showcased a series of mural sized 3-D installation pieces on canvas. 

Michel paints under the name Res818, a childhood tag that uses the last 3 letters of his last name. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his son.